BRP, Can-Am

Keep It on 2 in partnership with BRP, Can-AM will soon be offering the 3-Wheel Total Control Course.


Through our special relationship with Can-Am you can get a specially discounted tuition of only $99.00!  That's a total savings of $151.00 off! 


Upon successful completion of this course you can obtain a restricted class "M" motorcycle license endorsement from DPS.  

If you currently have a 2-wheel motorcycle endorsement and want to take the course you may. Your 2-wheel motorcycle endorsement allows you to operate a motorcycle and a 3 Wheel.   

Special insurance discounts come with specialized training.

Great fun and stability!

Don't let 3 wheels fool you!  These  on-road and dual-sport motorcycles are fun and offer a great deal of stability, comfort, visibility.   

Check it out and sign up.

Every time you ride one of these awesome machines it's fun. You will never realize the fun and excitement until you try it. 

They handle differently than 2-wheels, but think of that as adding fun, excitement and pleasure to your list of rider training and experience. Take the Time. Take the Course before you Take the Road. 

Would you like to see these awesome Can Am Spyders? Click on the link below.

F & T Valley Motor Sports

Learning to ride is simple

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Ride Education Program

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If you've ever dreamed of an open road adventure, then the Can-Am Rider Education Program is your path to reality!

Certified instructors will share their expertise for you to receive  the training fundamentals required to successfully complete the course  and obtain your 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement. A Can-Am On-Road model  will be provided for the duration of the course at no extra cost.

You will receive theoretical and practical essentials worth months of riding experience:

  • how to minimize risk and handle special situations
  • basic vehicle control
  • throttle control
  • straight line riding
  • stopping
  • turning and shifting
  • advanced skills like stopping quickly and evasive maneuvering

In most states, both the knowledge test & skills test can be taken at your local riding school waiving the DMV requirements.

There’s never been a better time to Learn To Ride.


For a limited time, learn to ride for only $99*.

Choose your location and sign up to a class available near you.

A Can-Am On-Road vehicle will  be provided for the duration of the course at no extra cost. Can-Am  Ryker will be available in Spring 2019.

 The program is rolling out in several states. For more information on  program availability in your area, you may contact a customer service  representative via email at or by calling 1 (855) Can-AmGo (226-2646).

 *Not available in all states. When registering this payment is not  refundable. Available for $50 for in-state residents of Delaware.  Available for free for in-state residents of Pennsylvania.